Illinois School District Report Cards

Wirepoints has created report cards for Illinois School Districts. Check out the link below. Very high spending and poor results are a bad combination. I think this is something that needs to be addressed. I will not tell you the solution, but I think we should all be having discussions about this topic.

Woke Investing


Blackrock & Vanguard may be doing more than investing your money.

Blackrock & Vanguard are making politics a primary investment object.

I talk in my office about transparency and understanding what the deal is.

Their program is a woke version of what they call ESG investing.

Many people find this is something they want, but is there transparency and approval of those investing their money? NO! Many are unaware and do not understand what is being advanced.

So, the question is should investing be minimally or primarily political? And should you know what political agendas are being advanced?

Currently there are strange things happening in board rooms and much is being pushed in non-transparent fashion without approval of the investor.

Illinois Now Has a Mandatory Paid Leave in 2024?


Illinois it the third state in the union to mandate 40 hours leave for any reason in as little as 2 hour chunks, no questions asked. It will be earned with one hour for every forty hours worked.

Chicago, Cook County and some other unions are exempt.(Follows current laws/rules similar to this).

We will role out more on this as it becomes available in late 2023.

Grant's Commentary: I will not argue whether this is good or bad, but Illinois has become non-competitive in most analysis compared to other states. Illinois is rapidly depopulating, having lost over 100k citizens in 2021. Recently the Chrysler facility in Belvidere gave permanent layoff notices. We also lost Citadel, one of the largest hedge funds in the country, and Caterpillar.(The list goes on and on) Illinois must become competitive to survive as a major state. Some businesses may see this as another negative.